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Marty Haviik Photographer | Photojournalist |

Media professional

I am an artist, photographer, a musician, a producer, a case manager, a mentor, a veteran, a father, and a grandfather.  Also Photojournalist for ION Indie Magazine.


Becoming a photographer began, for me, as a simple hobby, turning into something that’s almost overtaken my soul.  It seems like the more I photograph, the more in-tune with the world I become: colors are a brighter, shadows are a deeper, the way light falls on an object keeps me mesmerized. The options become endless - it’s not about how to take a photograph, but how to narrow the choices down to a few. I see things as they could look by a click of the shutter. To me it’s those fleeting milestones and moments I want to capture forever. I love capturing a life.

I work exclusively with low income families and small budget weddings/events, bands and artists. Give me a call and we'll work out a special to fit your need. I believe in helping out our local community.

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